In the early 90's, The Stepping Stones AA Club House in NE Philadelphia was a great place to hang out and meet other clean and sober bikers. At any time you could see 50 to 60 bikes outside of there. One of the meetings from that time that sticks out was the Creekside 5th Chapter. They met three times per week an after the Sunday meeting, there would be a nice ride.
There were two Clubs that would meet up at The Stones, The Phoenx MC, and 5th Chapter Brotherood. For one reason or another in the summer of '92 they both left Philadelphia. First it was the Phoenix MC then shortly after The 5th Chapter.
Even though the Clubs had left, all these ex-drunks with motorcycles were still meeting down at The Stones. There was a lot of talk of starting something new, another clean and sober Motorcycle Group/Club, so in the summer of '93 they planned a meeting just to see if anyone was interested. That meeting drew about 22 bikers, so they set up a second meeting. This time 60 plus showed up, and somewhere along the way, someone came up with a name for this new group. Stones is what they called themselves.
Organization and policies concerning the group did not sit well with some members, so, it was at one of these meetings that 12 of the members got fed up, broke away from the group, grabbed a prospect and decided to do things the right way and go through the proper channels to start a true Motorcycle Club. They went to the local MC at the time, explained themselves and came up with the name and the patch design.
In mid '93 they posted notices in Eazyrider Magazine with the name of the Club and the colors that they would be flying to see if anyone objected with the name or if their colors would cause a problom with any other MC. They waited 6 months, meeting regularly to go over things, and received no objections to the use of the name or colors. With that all over and done with, they held their first offical meeting as The Messengers MC on December 28, 1993.
Without these Twelve, we would not exist.