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The Messengers MC is a Motorcycle Club that runs out of southeastern Pennsylvania with Chapters in Philadelphia, Delaware and Montgomery counties. Our Club chooses not to drink or do drugs.
 We are a Motorcycle Club, not an internet club, we do our miles on the highway, not the information superhighway. Our Colors are earned through hardwork, respect and loyalty to the Club... not bought with the click of a Paypal button.
We are also proud and active members of our local
Confederation Of Clubs
The Messengers MC are a Motorcycle Club the has chosen to obstain from drugs and booze. Our Members must ride a American or English model mortorcycle
As a Club we promote

Abstinence from drugs and booze
Encouraging and helping others to achieve the same.
Pride in ourselves.
Loyality to Our Brotherhood.
Most of our members are very active in different Twelve Step programs. With that in mind, all of our events are geared towards that lifestyle.
As a Club, we support The Sunshine Foundation, and donate to them with procedes from our annual Pig Roast, an other events we have throughout the year.
Our Mission Statement
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